7 Steps to Planning your Perfect Florida Barn Wedding

October 31, 2016 Written by Saxon Manor - No Comments

A wedding is the biggest day in the lives of a couple in love. The special day has to symbolize your feelings for each other as you celebrate the beginning of a new life together. If you have a Florida barn wedding in mind, the key to making your special day perfect is planning ahead. This allows you to eliminate any mishaps or last-minute bloopers. Here are seven steps you need to take as you plan your perfect barn wedding.

1. Set a budget!
Weddings can be expensive, so the first thing you’ll need to do is set a budget. Make sure you give some room for extra expenses that could pop up later.

2. Decide on the venue
The Shabby Chic Barn venue is the ideal location for your barn wedding. Our venue includes all amenities that many other barn venues do not, including clearing for the event, electricity and restrooms (yes, many event barn venues don’t have restroom facilities!!).

3. Choose a theme
After the venue, the theme of the wedding is the second most important factor. If you’re going for a rustic look, you’ll need to prepare accordingly. Inform your guests of the theme and start preparing for the right decorations.

4. Create an inspiration board
Keep adding images to your inspiration board, and soon you’ll notice a plan for your special day forming. These images will help you understand what you’d like your wedding to look like. After you’ve created a draft, shape up the board to create a final plan.

5. Keep a track sheet
A track sheet will allow you to keep tabs on all that is happening around your wedding planning. Once you’ve completed something or received an order, check that item off your list and move onto the next one. Make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen also have a checklist as well.

6. Pick decorations
Since you’re planning on a barn wedding, keep your decorations to a minimum. Choose string lights, simple flower arrangements, and candles.

7. Decide on your outfits

Even though you’re planning a barn wedding, you don’t have to compromise on your outfits. The day is about you, so make sure you select the right tuxedo and wedding dress that you’ve always wanted.

These are very simple steps, but they require a lot of planning and attention. Make sure you plan much ahead the big date so you don’t miss out on anything.