How to Keep Your Guests Comfortable During an Outdoor Rustic Wedding?

October 31, 2016 Written by Saxon Manor - No Comments

Outdoor weddings require a lot of planning. If you are hosting a rustic wedding in a quaint countryside, the preparations have to be more thorough because a lot of your guests may be city folk who are used to creature comforts of urban life. You won’t want your guests to suffer under extreme heat, cold or showers, would you? The planning must therefore start earlier than in a city or if you were having a strictly indoor reception. If your event planner forgets to factor in the local weather conditions, you should step in

You need to appreciate that your event planner, although a professional is also a human being and has his plates full. There are so many aspects of organizing a wedding that needs to be taken care of that sometimes they may forget that some protections, special arrangements have to be made since your wedding is taking place outside on a farm or an open barn wedding venue. However, you will have to step in and take charge if you don’t want your guests to leave disappointed.

If it’s too hot at the time of your wedding, there should be arrangements of big pedestal fans, barn ACs, coolers and enough fluids should be available. Also, exposure to sun should be minimized by having tents where guests can rest during breaks. Also, the wedding spot should be chosen carefully. Try to choose a spot surrounded by trees and shade.

If it’s too cold, inform your guests beforehand to carry enough warm garments, hand warmers and heaters, make arrangements for blankets if necessary and serve plenty of soups, warm dinners, light fires and candles to keep the place warm and try to wrap up the evening events early so that guests can retire in the comfort of their rooms early.

Tips to take care of guest comfort

The following are some general guidelines that will help you to keep your guests comfortable.

1. Weather: You will have to take the weather into consideration when deciding on the venue, the décor and also the menu. This will ensure that you can organize a neat wedding without needing additional bells and whistles to keep the guests comfortable.

2. Food: If the weather is too hot, you will have to choose cold salads, drinks and lots of fluids so that your guests don’t dehydrate. If it is cold, warm desserts, soups, sizzlers and other warm food will keep them happy.

3. Toilets and lavatories: You can’t organize a wedding outdoor without ensuring that there are proper toilets for your guests. This is very important.

4. Indoor activity areas for children: Children are even more sensitive to extreme weather conditions than adults. You will have to make arrangements for them that will keep them busy indoor when their parents watch wedding ceremony outside.


Managing a wedding is no less than managing a public company! There are so many things to that you and your planners have to take stock of and slipups are common. However, start planning early so that you won’t have to rush. This will give you enough time for your final inspection.