Things to Consider When Picking Out Flowers for Your Rustic Barn Wedding

October 31, 2016 Written by Saxon Manor - No Comments

Choosing the right flowers that compliment your earthen, rustic or antique décor of your wedding venue is not easy. But without the right flowers, the décor will never be complete and won’t take the form that you have envisaged in your dreams. It may seem to guests that something is missing from the menu and even if they can’t pinpoint the “absentee”, the feeling can’t be shaken off easily.

Choose flowers according to the surroundings

The selection of flowers should depend greatly on the place, time and season of your wedding. Are you having an indoor rustic wedding or is it going to be in the open? Ask the event organizer to talk to the designer and the florist and ensure that there is coherence between the design and decoration of the place and the flowers that would bloom on beams, center tables and wedding arches. For outdoor rustic weddings, a minimalist floral theme is recommended that complements or reflects the natural aesthetics of the place. A few stems of hydrangeas or wild shrubs could add a marvelous touch to the ambience.

If you want a vintage rustic look, roses, lavenders and peonies are perfect. Remember, replicating a natural ‘wild bush and flower’ look takes a lot of time and your floral decorations should start early.

Choosing the right containers and jars

Some florists may only use their own jars, flower pots and vases but if they allow you to choose your own, start early. If you want a naturally cultivated “wild flower” look completed with small stems of dahlias, alstroemerias and other shrubs, you would have to buy quite a few jam jars and pots that can be placed on windowsills and center tables. You may also use antique jugs and tea mugs for placing flowers on the center table.

Decorate the beams of the barn with flowers

A barn wedding will be incomplete without floral decorations of the beams. You could use soft light green foliage like Ivy and flowers like gerberas, peonies and hydrangeas. If you want to infuse elegance, weave the foliage with roses and their stems. If the space is too big, decorate the beams nearer to the entrance and the altar, if there is one.

Decorate the barn candelabras with flowers

Candelabras and crossbeams can be used for floral decorations beautifully. Bottles of different sizes containing bunch of flowers like rose and other single stem flowers can be hung from these structures to make the place look quaint.


Planning for the right floral theme and look is no less difficult than other aspects of your wedding planning. Hence, don’t procrastinate for too long. Start early and you will have the most amazing rustic wedding décor ever!